Precision Surgery, plus exclusive Bass Communion on Kurzwellen.

A new wave of old school industrial music. A celebration of the 80s scene, exclusively on limited vinyl editions. Kurzwellen 7 brings a new album by Precision Surgery. Listen to Hinterkaifeck from the album (or click the link below). Listening is what Steven Wilson did when we played him the album, and he responded with a minimal yet haunting set of Bass Communion treatments. And since it’s been a while we released tunes on Kurzwellen we are happy to release those works as Kurzwellen 8. Both LPs are out on July 7 and can be pre-ordered now from the Tonefloat Store. As per usual the record comes in a stylish 24x36inch silkscreen poster sleeve. And as per usual in very limited fashion.


Did you order the upcoming Sand Snowman LP and do you want to add these LPs please write us.