Mick Ness, limited edition album; The Joy Of Live


June 28 2014 a band was assembled of Mick Ness and Mecano members to support the latter’s return to Paradiso exactly thirty five years after its début, but also to celebrate the release of The Joy Of Pop studio album. What turned out to be a magical event, was recorded, so this sole performance of The Joy Of Pop songs was captured forever, where energy was the main factor as well as the pleasure to play it live.

Again Sandra Derks delivered the painting on the frontside, especially made for the occasion, although based upon an earlier work with an f instead of a v. The back cover is graced with a collage of Troy Jay from photographs by Kiyomi Yui. The label of side two is a 3D sculpture by Pieter Bannenberg.

The Joy Of Life will be out on May 19 as a limited edition vinyl only mini album, pressed in 180 grams black vinyl. Packed in a stylish pvc sleeve with an obi containing liner notes by Mecano compadre Dirk Polak. Limited to 300 copies!