Super limited box sets from the vaults: The Use Of Ashes White Nights 4lp/4cd box + Dirk Serries’ Microphonics 5lp box set


The Use Of Ashes: White Nights
From the vaults. The complete White Nights trilogy in a deluxe handmade box with various inserts and each with a unique front picture. The remaining 20 (sealed and stickered!) copies of the box originally released in 2012 include both the CD and 180 grams LPs of The Hand Of Tzafkiel, Glowing Lights and Flake Of Eternity, plus the Lux In Wonderland LP, recorded in Nijmegen in 2011, and a CD recording of the 2011 radio play Das Licht In Der Ferne.
The original box issued in 2012 only included the Flake Of Eternity CD/LP as most customers already had the previously released The Hand Of Tzafkiel and Glowing Lights CD/LP. For these remaining copies it was obvious to include the whole shebang.

Dirk Serries’ Microphonics
The complete set of five released (tf080, tf085, tf104, tf115, tf120) Microphonics LPs, sealed in a deluxe hardback box (the same used for the VidnaObmana box), stickered and numbered. We have 30 complete sets available, with all five LPs in either gold, silver or white vinyl. Please state preference (only a handful of them are gold and silver, the majority is white). Your last chance to obtain a complete set as most titles have sold out!