Yodok III’s Rock’n’Rollin’Roadburn performance on the mighty vinyl disc (and CD too).

“Next up was the incredible trio Yodok III, with Belgian guitarist Dirk Serries and the Norwegian duo Yodok. And in an inspired 50 minutes of a single, improvised compositions they took us on a journey through amazing landscapes of both great beauty and overwhelming impact. So remarkably joyous was this experience, that the silence after they ended seemed nearly unbearable for the few seconds it took for the thundering applause to break loose. Magic.” StrangeBeautifulLiveging

Need we say more? Yes, 500 copies on vinyl (180 grams) plus an equal amount of copies on CD (in box).

catalogue number: TFCD177
retail price: 13.99
release date: October 14, 2016

catalogue number: TFLP177
retail price: 17.99
release date: October 14, 2016