Continuum I and II available again as expanded 2CD box sets

Continuum started out as the result of Steven Wilson’s and Dirk Serries’ collective ambition and vision, and was motivated by their immense passion for a wide-range of musical styles, ranging from spacious ambience to pounding doom metal. It resulted in two releases, Continuum I (2005) and Continuum II (2007).

Both Continuum I and Continuum II of their collaborative ambient and drone music project are now available again as 2CD box sets, each in an expanded edition complete with the previously vinyl only The Continuum Recyclings albums which followed the original albums. The Continuum Recyclings Volume One was done by vidnaObmana and released back in 2006 on Tonefloat as tf027  while Justin Broadrick took care of The Continuum Recyclings Volume Two, out in 2010 as tf051.

The expanded 2CD editions of Continuum I (tf174) and Continuum II (tf175) each come with a 15x15inch poster and are available for purchase in our store.